Monday, February 28, 2011


So second Post for you, and no I am not going to write about the Oscars today. The reason, although i saw them yesterday and took notes about the dresses, everybody will write about them and it is defenitely not interessting reading ten times the same statement to Nicole Kidmans outfit (which was horrible btw).
So I am going to tell you something about my academic studies. I am studying History of Arts, and it is quite interessting but sometimes it really bores me. Especially today. Tomorrow I have a really big exam on architecture and I really can't concentrate. Sure it is amazing how Michelangelo made a library in times of Manirism withe the whole contrast in the two rooms. I am talking here of the "Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana" in Florence.
Here it is. Eventhough i don't like to learn for the exam it is interessting. But I like sculptures better. Well I better get going but I promise the next post will be about fashion and not about me studying (:

xoxo May

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My very first time

So, I started this Blog to share my passion for art and fashion with you. I will write about things I like and dislike and sometimes even upload pictures. I will also have some collaborations with my friend Jay.
Just that you know what's upcoming, my style is elegant but individual. I like mixing different styles and designers. Same with my favoured art and artists.
Hopefully I succeed in writing at least once a week. If I don't write please admonish me.

xoxo May